Those Unavoidable Expenses!

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Brenda YUFEH NCHEWNANG-NGASSA | 12-01-2018 11:27

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Despite limited income in the month of January, there are certain needs parents cannot ignore but ensure they provide for their families.

The month of January is here. That month considered unnecessarily long and expensive. After most people enjoyed the end-of-year festivities, now they cannot help but feel disgruntled that the short-lived fun and family get-together came with a heavy cost that they now live the aftermath this January.

Given that many people spent their December salary before the end of the month, went into borrowing to meet up with extra feasting expenditures, and seeming to forget that salaries for the month of January will only come at the end of the month, many people are gnashing their teeth and wondering how to meet up with those unavoidable expenses such as paying bills and school needs of children who must go back to school for the second term.

Barely two weeks into the month of January, a parent in Yaounde, who opts for anonymity, said the month is the most depressing of the year as he has to ensure that each morning, he provides taxi fare for his children to go to school as well as money for break time.

Worst is the fact that this parent had not completed the payment of his children’s school fees. Start of second term was the period to complete the second and final installment of the fees. “I have already indebted myself enough and do not even know where to go and borrow now,” the parent lamented. Besides school needs for children, having a three square meal in most homes seems a luxury now.

Because of limited money and the fact that people cannot go for days without daily food, many parents have been forced to go extra miles to ensure that they provide meals for their families. Gatien, a parent in Yaounde, says it has not been easy putting food on the table. He has even resorted to no breakfast in his home just to cut down cost on food expenditure which he cannot avoid.

Those unexpected health bills are also a bone in the neck of most parents now especially as some of them did not budget for them. But as nature will have it with or without money, many parents are obliged to disburse money for healthcare they did not imagine.

Paying for car documents and handling overdue bills are some of those expenses that many people cannot avoid now. With an insurance car policy that reads 31/12//2016 to 30/12/2017, many car owners must renew their car insurance now or face penalty from the police.

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