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“We Are Going to Meet the Deadlines”

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Elizabeth MOSIMA | 21-02-2018 12:37


Tufan Sercan, Regional Director, Yenigun Construction Industry and Commerce SA.

What is the rate of evolution of work at the Japoma site?

We have completed the digging of the foundation. We plan to complete all the stretch overs and put on reinforcement concretes by the end of April. On the other hand, two training fields and all the earth work have been completed. The work on the Japoma site is going on well. A week ago, we received a vessel in Douala which came from Turkey bringing along some precast elements. Another ship is expected to be loaded by the 27th of February with precast elements and should reach Cameroon latest 28th of March. We have planned up to three shipments for the precast use. For the main time, we are doing measuring work on the site. We have taken all measures to complete the stadium before the end of 2018.

How is the cooperation like with Cameroonian authorities?

When we came here, we found it difficult to express ourselves in the official languages here. But our strength at the work site was our business card. Now they understand what is going on. Even though there were some misunderstandings, everything has come to normal. Everybody is seeing that something is going on now and we are proud of that. Also, we have around 900 people at the construction site at the moment and 500 of them are Cameroonians. I have worked throughout Africa for example in Algeria but we didn’t just use as much as many Algerian skilled workers.

How are you going to ensure that you meet CAF deadline?

This is our main target. It is our contractual duty first of all to meet the deadline. Already 30 percent of the stadium is completed. But figures just do not count. Everything will be certainly ready. Most of the material is coming from Turkey and is financed by EXIM Bank China such as precast concrete and I think work done already is even more than 30 percent.

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