North West Enforces Bilingualism for Living Together

Choves LOH | 22-02-2018 12:07

Innovations that promote living together as the North West region celebrated 2018 national bilingualism day.

The 2018 edition of the National bilingualism day featured an approach that inspires hope in the North West region. It is all about innovations that promote living together. In effect, the best form One and Lower sixth students in the region with a proven competence in English and French featured for recognition and reward.

Away from that, excellence awards for the best bilingual teachers and students were distinguished in efforts to give language a chance to put Cameroonians together. The commemorative event on February 2nd, 2018 assembled some selected eleven schools in Bamenda.

Ahead of that, the North West featured activities that encourage and promote the teaching and learning of bilingualism. Experts on the discipline turned full circle with messages to the effect that the mastery of the National official languages could become a break through for life.

The Regional Delegate of Secondary Education, Apah Itor Johnson and the Coordinator Inspector of Bilingualism at the Regional Delegation of Secondary Education, Manoji Theresse Nain, told Cameroon Tribune that the 2018 theme stresses bilingualism as the bedrock of national unity and peaceful coexistence.

Literature and slogans on bilingualism were conspicuous in schools with school administrators, students and teachers very involved in bilingual week activities. The lot in bilingualism week activities included, intensification of the bilingual game, intensification of the use of the target language and other official language, sketches, debates, round table conferences, radio talk shows and Miss Bilingualism competition.

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