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Senatorial Election: Hitch-free Measures Adopted At ELECAM

Eulalia AMABO | 22-02-2018 12:18

All necessary dispositions have been put in place to ensure that every file received from political parties reach the Electoral Board before the midnight deadline today.

The allocated 15 (fifteen) days for political parties to deposit their lists for the March 25, 2018 Senatorial election elapses today at midnight. In that perspective, several procedures have been put in place by Elections Cameroon, ELECAM, to cope with the anticipated last minute submission by parties still in the compilation process.

Amongst the measures are communication and installation of adequate election equipment to ensure that every list deposited at any regional branch office of ELECAM or its headquarters in Yaounde reaches the Electoral Board before today’s midnight for subsequent scrutiny.

Pursuant to Section 164 (1) of the Electoral Code, candidates shall within 15 (fifteen) days from the convening of the electorate, be made out in nomination paper in triplicate, bearing the legalized signature of candidates. Sub 2 of the same section further specifies that “such nomination paper shall be submitted and registered against a receipt, at the General Directorate of Elections or at the divisional branch of Elections Cameroon of the constituency concerned.

A copy thereof shall immediately be sent to the Constitutional Council by the candidate or his representative, against acknowledgment of receipt.” In recognition to this, immediately after the convening of the Electoral College by the President of the Republic on February 7, 2018, the Directorate General of Elections set up a commission in charge of the receipt and onward transmission of files to the Electoral Board with Okha Bau Okha as its President.

Communication mechanisms, ICT applications and required election equipment have been implemented by ELECAM officials to certify that no list submitted within the specified timeframe arrives late for examination. They confirmed that all internal dispositions for documents to get to the Electoral Board have been sufficiently installed.

Upon receipt of different files after midnight today, the Electoral Board is expected to begin analysing and will publish a list of those retained or rejected.

“The Electoral Board shall publish the list of candidates at least 15 (fifteen) days before the day of the poll. The Constitutional Council shall be immediately notifies thereof,” states Section 231 (3) of the Electoral Code.

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