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PAL: Bedzigui Explains Support To President Biya

Emmanuel KENDEMEH | 23-02-2018 09:51

The President of the Alliance Liberal Party gave a press conference in Yaounde on February 22, 2018.

Célestin Bedzigui, President of the Alliance Liberal Party (PAL) has launched a campaign to rally Cameroonians of all walks of life support the candidature of President Paul Biya in the 2018 presidential election. He made the decision public on February 4, 2018 during a meeting of elite of the Lékie Division of the Centre Region organised to raise funds to support the candidature of President Paul Biya in the election.

Speaking to journalists at Hôtel des Députés in Yaounde on February 22, 2018, Mr Bedzigui said PAL which is a moderate party that believes in pragmatism faced with teething political and social problems, first of all took the decision on January 19, 2018 to cancel the alliance it signed with the National Union for Democracy and Progress (NUDP) on January 5, 1997.

The second decision was to openly declare support and campaign for all to rally behind the candidature of President Paul Biya in the 2018 presidential election.

The second decision, he explained, was because after a scrutiny of the speeches of potential candidates and other aspirants to the presidency in 2018, only President Paul Biya has the experience and the know-how to tackle the sociosecurity crisis currently rocking the North West and South West Regions, as well as the current social bomb caused by precarious employment situation with the country’s youths battling in the informal sector.

Concerning the crisis in the English-speaking part of the country, Célestin Bedzigui said, he has forwarded proposals to President Paul Biya insisting on the necessity to organise inclusive dialogue as the way forward.

The ultimate objective of the choice, Mr Bedzigui explained, is to enable President Paul Biya fulfil his mission to re-establish a pacified Cameroon and organise an appeased change at the helm of State void of violence and all uncertainty.

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