South West: Chief Ikome Molinge Passes On

Nkeze MBONWOH | 26-02-2018 13:23

Bue (Fako) – The city of Buea and particularly inhabitants of Upper- Muea in Buea are morning their ruler. The vibrant Chief David Ikome Molinge gave up the ghost in the early hours of Monday, 19 February, 2018, at the Buea Regional Hospital annex at sixty-nine.

The monarch was ailing for many months now. Chief Molinge took the throne of Upper-Muea in 1994 as second class Chief and has been reigning since then leaving a mark of a vocal, frank speaking traditional ruler. His peers of the 80-Buea chiefdoms held him in high esteem as one who was very representative when it came to public speaking.

A congregate of traditional rulers trooped into the Upper-Muea palace yesterday to ascertain the situation. Cameroon Tribune waded into late Molinge palace yesterday morning and met the deceased junior brother Mafany, the wife Matilda Molinge and the son Nyoki Molinge Henry in utter grief. They hinted that the programme of burial was still under discussion.

Chief Molinge’s working life surfaced him as an ace Guinness Cameroon publicity manager who served across Cameroon between the 1970s and 80s. The job helped him to know much about the country and to always speak with references to other cultures. On retirement, he took up business endeavours which enabled him to own the famous hotel in Muea-Buea, a private security company among many other trades. He was a councillor and actively participated at the reunification feast in Buea during President Paul Biya’s visit on 19 February, 2014. He leaves behind many children, wife and loving friends.

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