Limbe: Shores Remain A Threat

The climbing water levels are a constant threat to Fako population and their environment.

The global cry has been that of climate change. Its effects go beyond the generalized heat and irregular rains. Geology experts hinted that water levels on many occasions have risen to disastrous proportions. Observably on the beaches of Tiko, Limbe and Idenau in Fako Division, the floods have crossed usual bounds and caused inundation to shore habitations.
From time to time, the seas vomit volumes of ferocious water. Such sea liquid submerges homes, schools, hospitals and offices. It is a frequent phenomenon in Limbe during the wet season. A few years back, the quarters of Lower Motowo and others in Limbe were visited by the South West Governor owing to overnight flood from heavy down pour.
Town planners and administrative authorities of these water-prone areas have remained helpless as the phenomenon remains unresolved. The only remedy to the floods has been for authorities to sensitise on obtaining official permits before erecting buildings so that experts can pinpoint satisfactory areas and advise the types of structure to put up. In the same vein, such wet seasons have softened the soils which give way in the form of landslide...


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