Endoscopic Surgery: International Congress Begins Today

The world’s gynaecological scientists begin meeting in Yaounde for today.

The stakes are high as the world’s leading gynaecological surgeons begin meeting in Yaounde today to discuss major issues regarding the female gynaecological system. This is within the 27th International Society For Gynaecologic Endoscopy (ISGE) and African Society for Gynaecological Endoscopy (AFSGE) congresses, holding under the patronage of the Head of State, President Paul Biya.

From today until April 27, the Yaounde Conference Centre and the Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproductive Teaching Hospital Paul and Chantal Biya (CHRACERH) will be crowded with experts from the seven continents who will be sharing knowledge and research results on endoscopic surgery which Cameroon, just like other African countries, wants to have full access.

Activities at the Conference Centre will take place on a vast field. The President of AFSGE, who is also the local organising committee chair, Professor Jean Marie Kasia, says they have chosen to address virtually all major issues of interest to the gynaecological sphere at theoretical and practical levels.

Problems related to the female genital organs are going to be the pole of interest, sector by sector. Prof Kasia notes that the issues will be examined at different levels. From the cervix, uterus, ovary and fallopian tubes with interest on how pathologies affecting these areas can be approached, diagnosed and treated by endoscopy.

Practical sessions on endoscopic surgeries will be relayed from the different surgical blocks of CHRACERH to participants at the Yaounde Conference Centre. In particular, the problems of infertility in women will also be at the forefront relating to issues of blocked tubes, pelvic adhesions and abnormal bleeding.

Gynaecological cancers will also come under scrutiny. The conference is an opportunity for gynaecologists in Cameroon and Africa, to be trained during the different training programmes. Such training programme, according to Prof Kasia, will eventually lead to the establishment of an internationally recognized training centre on endoscopic surgery in the country.



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