Communal Liberalism: The Appeal Of President Paul Biya

The new edition of President Paul Biya’s book, “Communal Liberalism” was presented during a ceremony at the Yaounde Hilton Hotel on September 12, 2018.

“I will like to emphasise once more, from the depths of my conviction as a statesman and my attachment to republican ideals, and based on the ground we have covered together over the time I have spent listening to you and at your service, that salvation lies in jointly and severally building Cameroon to be a country that transcends ethnic groups, religious, professional, sexes, social conditions, generations and political leanings, to turn resolutely towards consolidating our living together and harmonious cohabitation with two action pillars.”

This is the appeal of President Paul Biya in the new edition of his book, “Communal Liberalism” that was presented in the Yaounde Hilton Hotel on September 12, 2018. President Biya in the last part of the 169-page book entitled “Appeal” quoted the action pillars to include, “Opening up the society to liberal modernity and all its opportunities; and maintaining the momentum of fairness and social justice without which our edifice could be undermined.”

The book being the revised and updated edition of the first one published in 1987, is made up of an editorial note, introduction, seven chapters, conclusion written in 30 objectives for Cameroon and finally the Appeal. Opening the conclusion, President Biya said he would like to present 30 concrete proposals which in his opinion are the fundamental objectives to be attained collectively with the implementation of Communal Liberalism. The proposals are grouped under sectors that include national unity, democracy, economy, social welfare and culture and finally Africa and international relations.

The new edition of Communal Liberalism published by Les éditions ALL ACCESS Favre in Paris, France, has interesting chapters. Chapter one entitled “A More Interdependent Mankind” is composed of two sub titled that are Towards a new world political order and A world economic and cultural order. Chapter two entitled “A New Political Society” treats issues such as perfect nationhood, building a true democracy and a national charter of freedoms.

In chapter three with the title “Towards an Economy at the Service of Man”, President Biya presents issues such democratic planning, priority to agriculture, infrastructure development, support to small and mediumsized undertakings, heavy industry development, mastering science and technology, greater efficiency of our services, creation of decent jobs, and national economic independence.

Chapter four entitled “The Governing Idea: Social justice”, handles domains such as education, heath, housing and equitable distribution of the product of national growth. Chapter five is “Developing the Humane Spirit in Man”, Chapter six “From Ethnic Cultures to a National Culture” and chapter seven “Communal Liberalism”



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