Bali: CPDM Mezam III Solidly Behind Emergence Vision

Newly elected sub-section executive members were commissioned recently.

The leading position of the ruling CPDM Party in Bali Sub-division, Mezam Division of the North West Region, needs to be consolidated. This was the take-home message after a joint section conference of the Mezam III Bali Section on October 15, 2016. The crowd-pulling event at the Bali Nyonga Palace Plaza, discussed party activities.

Speakers acknowledged that the consolidation of victory for the CPDM in Mezam III Section would help in the attainment of President Biya’s 2035 vision of emergence for Cameroon. The Secretary of State for Penitentiary Administration, Doh Jerome Penbaga and Edwin Fongod Nuvaga, the Director General of Customs, were around to cheer grassroots CPDM militants for standing solidly by party chairman, Paul Biya. They offered 50 sacks of rice, cartons of soap and groundnut oil to all the 25 sub-sections in Mezam III.

Section President, Gwanyalla Raymond Dingha, saluted the massive participation of militants and revisited the successful reorganisation of basic organs of the party in Mezam III. It was against this backdrop that Gwanyalla Raymond preceded to commission new executive of all the 25 sub-sections. He challenged them to rise to expectation and fetch more militants for the party ahead of celebrations to mark President Biya’s ascension to power on November 6, 2016. WCPDM Section President, Elizabeth Sama, urged women to stay focused with the party that has been tried and tested. She had warm words for Bali elite for supporting the WCPDM pottery and piggery poverty alleviation project.



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