Frida Fara Ewongo: Promising Movie Star

She studied theatre arts in London and kicked off her acting career in the movie, “Le Serpent de Bronze” by Cameroon producer, Thierry Ntamack.

Frida Fara Ewongo, 28-year-old, was born in Nigeria but has spent a greater part of her life in Cameroon. She began her acting career in “Le Serpent de Bronze” directed by Cameroonian-born Thierry Ntamack which was premiered last August 2018 at the Yaounde Conference Centre. Frida Fara says working with a movie director like Thierry Ntamack is an amazing experience because he made her understand that acting is what she always wanted to do and gave her the opportunity to play Cady in ‘Le Serpent De Bronze’.

The promising movie star spent five years in London studying theatre arts. But when she came back to Cameroon in 2011 she did not follow up her acting career but rather worked  in Cameroon Television programmes like ‘Jambo’ with President Tchop Tchop. She has also worked with movie icons like Stella Damacus and Daniel. She later on left the media to work as a secretary for two years in a cooperate law firm called Jing and Partners before going back to the entertainment world.

Frida has also pursued a career in event management. Apart from being an actress...



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