US Election: The Final Touch

Voters will tomorrow, November 8, 2016 choose between Democratic party candidate, Hillary Clinton and her Republican party rival Donald Trump.


The last minutes hustling and bustling in the presidential election campaign field in the United States of America is indicative of the determination of  the Democratic party candidate Hillary Clinton and her Republican party rival, Donald Trump to replace outgoing President Barack Obama in the  White House at least for the next four years. No candidate wants to take chances  as Tuesday, November 8, 2016  polls will decide on Obama’s successor.

The November 8 presidential election from every indication is tight as polls last Saturday put Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump with 46 per cent and Mr Trump closing up seriously with 44 per cent. Mrs Clinton was said to be particularly ahead in key States.  As the general election holds tomorrow, glimmers of the trends are already circulating as over 40 million electors have already cast their votes in early elections in some key States. Reports say that in States which can provide a path to the White House, data suggested that Hillary Clinton has the edge.

Donald Trump  in order to reverse the trends, spent the weekend campaigning in States such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada and North Carolina. BBC quoted him as telling a rally in Tampa, Florida that; "We're going into what they used to call Democrat strongholds, where we're now either tied or leading. We're going to Minnesota, which traditionally has not been Republican at all." These are States in which Republicans had not won in the past elections. Analysts consider Florida a must-win State as candidates need 270 electoral college votes to win the presidency and Florida is worth 29.

Hillary Clinton on her part was said to have campaigned in Florida.  While campaigning in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, she is quoted as telling electors that, "When your kids and grandkids ask you what you did in 2016. I want you to be able to say, I voted for a better, stronger, fairer America." Mrs Clinton's campaign has revealed she will do a two-minute national TV commercial on Monday, November 7 night which they expect will reach a combined audience of 20 million people.





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