Highlights of President’s message

UNITY AND PEACE: “In these difficult moments, I am devoting all my energy and all my experience to ensure peace unity and progress in our beloved and beautiful country”

DIALOGUE: “Furthermore I intend to continue dialogue initiated with the people of goodwill to bring about lasting peace.”

DISARMAMENT: “If my appeal to warmongers to laydown their weapons remains unheeded, the defence and security Forces will be instructed to neutralize them.”

COMMON FURTURE: “The seven year term that has just begun should be decisive for our country. It could be one of the most defining moments of our post-independence history.”

ECONOMIC CHALLENGES: “Priority should be the processing of our agricultural commodities to give them added value and reduce our imports of goods and services.”

ENERGY: “We will continue to provide our country with energy infrastructure to meet the needs of our agro-industry and various industrial sectors as well as the demands of our people.” In addition to hydroelectric dams Solar energy plants will be constructed for rural electrification

PROBLEMS:some of our major problems stem from the fact that the structure of our economy make us depend heavily on the external world especially the prices of our commodities;

DIGITAL ECONOMY: “It is necessary for us to do more to incorporate digital progress into the functioning of our services and our economy. The developing digital society will not wait for laggards.

LIVING CONDITIONS: We continue to: - Extend a system of quality education focusing on professionalization; - Build more health centers and extend our network of referral hospitals and finance our Social Security system; - Solve the nagging problem of low cost housing. - Improve access to drinking water and electricity - Promote the role of women and youths in our society

AFCON 2019:Investments relating to the organization of AFCON will be carried out.

HOPE-RAISING: We will overcome if we remain unitedand supportive.



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