Virtues Of Openness!

Humility especially in times of upheavals is a rare attitude, although it is universally-accepted as the surest way out of even the most dreaded of wrangling. The government of Cameroon has for the umpteenth time shown proof of this rare but vital asset in the face of the hitches that have troubled the quietude of her population in the North West, South West, Far North, Adamawa and East Regions. In fact, the Boko Haram insurgency in the Far North Region, separatists’ tendencies in the North West and South West Regions, refugee management challenges in the East and hostage taking for ransom in the Adamawa Regions have caused untold damages to the country’s socio-economic fabric. Few are apathetic to these.  
And government, faithful to her policy of ironing out differences to give all and sundry reasons and a conducive environment to have a sense of belonging and partake in nation-building, has been striving not only to address issues with respect to republican institutions but as well seeking to have mutual understanding with her bilateral and multilateral partners. 
Enlightening the valuable partners on the goings-on in the restive regions of the country, like External Relations Minister, Lejeune Mbella Mbella did yesterday May 28, 2019 was therefore an eloquent testimony of government’s openness in her determination to uproot seeds of division and melancholy sown by the close to three-year upheavals in the North West and South West regions in particular. Critics would say it was a government’s version but at least timely enough given all what is said and posted especially on the social media patterning to the bickering.
Logic teaches that comparison cannot be made on one thing and when it concerns information, notably in a digital age, a communication gap can be filled with just anything bad and sometimes very ugly. Knowledge, they say, is power and mutual understanding on a point of common concern like the disorder is, to say the least, vital.
The Minister’s outing to the diplomatic community which followed a two-regional peace mission of the Prime Minister, Head of Government to the North West and South West regions, on the behest of the Head of State, to call for reason so that life can once again return to normalcy therein, is proof of government’s openness. In fact, her sincerity to set records straight amidst disinformation but also her openness to goodwill assistance to turn the tides.
Inviting top-level officials of international organisations into the country, as the Head of State has been doing, to come see for themselves the situation on the ground lends credence to this frankness. For instance, President Paul Biya on Friday May 3, 2019 held talks with Michelle Bachelet, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on all the situation that the country is facing on peace, security and human rights. Before that it was the United States Assistant Secretary for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy in February, the Secretary-General of the Commonwealth, The Rt. Hon. Patricia Scotland QC in 2017 and others, whose official visits to Cameroon, against the backdrop of the disturbances, went beyond government view-points.
Logically so as the Head of State from the onset of the disorder opted for dialogue which coincidently is being clamoured for by those received and others through diverse reports.
Inasmuch as the upheavals remain an internal affair; a Cameroonian problem to be solved by Cameroonians owing to the country’s sovereignty, the Minister says government as usual remains opened to the international community for any partnership in keeping the country crisis-free. Peace and stability can be attained with all aboard without necessarily mingling in the internal affairs of the country. This requires objectivity in thoughts and actions. Government’s show of openness thus far can be emulated by all other stakeholders for the much-cherished tranquillity to move from mere talk to tangible reality. And the time is now! 



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