“Our Cyclists Need To Work More”

Joseph Evouna, National Technical Director for cycling.

What lessons can be drawn from the 16th edition of the International Cycling Tour of Cameroon?

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We have many lessons to learn from the 16th edition of the International Cycling Tour of Cameroon. The first lesson is that our cyclists need to work more. We have ended a cycle and another is starting today with young cyclists that we had in the competition. But these youths are not working hard as compared to the others that came for the competition. There were Moroccans, Rwandans and those who are still lagging behind are the Cameroonians and Ivoirians. So, we still have much work to do so that the cyclists can reach the level of the competition. The old cyclists like Kamzong Abossolo, Tella Artuce to name only those two must work more if they have to finish their career in grand style. Talking about these cyclists we have to also look at the aspect of coaching. As a national technical director I make sure before every competition I bring all the coaches together and give them a plan of work. But due to the lack of money to go and see exactly their work on the field I only take note of all the indications that they give me and I only guide them on how they can adjust during the competition. Cameroonian cyclists were unable to win the competition even though they had a good performance in the beginning of the race.

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How do you explain this situation?

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At my level as I had said earlier it is necessary that the cyclists train more. I cannot say exactly what happened because the national cycling team trained at the level of Douala. I did not go to Douala. SNH Velo Club trained at the level of Dschang. I did not go to Dschang to see due to lack of means. As a technician I noticed that the work carried out was perhaps partly done. Because when somebody trains in a particular sector and is unable to perform as is required in that sector then something is wrong. And if there is something wrong it means that the job was not well done. On the other side there is a lack of coaching for our cyclists.

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