Breast Cancer:Women Urged To Go For Screening

A campaign for free testing scheduled from the 10-13 at Mbingo Baptist Hospital Bonaberi.

Breast cancer is becoming a cause for concern in Cameroon as more women get to the hospital when it is at an advanced stage. World Health Organization revealed that in developing countries, most cases of breast cancer are presented in a very late stage due to lack of early detection, lack of adequate diagnosis and treatment facilities, poverty and other societal myth and stigma associated to breast cancer. Statistics also reveal that 50% of cancer cases are genetic. Other risks factor may be environmental, and women who never give birth may also be at risk. In order to raise awareness on dangers of cancer and to ensure that many more women get diagnosed and treated on time, a free screening campaign has been launched by the Run for a Cure Africa Cameron Association at the Baptist Hospital Bonaberi Douala, from the 10-13 of June from 7am to 4pm.

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In a meeting to explain the reasons for the campaign, the Coordinator of Run for a Cure Africa Cameroon (RFCAC) Virginie Bopda Kontchou said they realized that most women lack knowledge about cancer and most don’t know that it can be treated. As a result, she added, most women only show up in the hospital at a later stage of the disease. She said to reduce the rate of women dying of breast cancer, screening is paramount. She added that her organization is engaged on educating women so as to increase awareness and promote early detection. On her part, Dr Rachel Tayou, an oncologist, revealed that in all, cancers can be treated in Cameroon. She called on women to always palpate their breast seven days before and after their menstrual period. She said in case of any abnormality the woman should report to the hospital. She disclosed that breast cancer can present itself through lumps in the breast, abnormal secretion from the nipple, hard and painful breast, just to name a few. She also used the opportunity to enlighten women about cervical cancer which she says kills faster. To her it was high time women in Cameroon come out in their numbers for screening to reduce the prevalence rate.

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