Electoral Registers In Yaounde : Broad-based Measures Embraced

As the annual revision of electoral registers ends on August 31 this year, officials of Elections Cameroon have stepped up measures to get many more registered persons before the deadline.

Every August 31 is the date set by the Electoral Code for the closing of electoral registers. This means that persons of voting age can no longer have their names included on the electoral list of Elections Cameroon (ELECAM), hence they cannot participate in the electoral process. With barely a few weeks left for August 31 to elapse, officials of the elections management body have adopted broad-based strategies to have the maximum number of citizens of voting age have their names enlisted on the electoral lists. 
As at July 31, 2019, statistics from ELECAM indicate that the Centre Region has recorded 74,507 additional new voters comprising 44,071 men, 30,436 women with 49,896 of the number being youths between the ages of 20 and 35.   
According to the Electoral Code in its Section 74(1), electoral registers shall be permanent and they shall be revised every year throughout the national territory. Section two of the aforementioned section further states that “the annual revision of the electoral registers shall commence on January 1 and end on 31 August of every year.” It is therefore against this deadline of August 31 that ELECAM has implemented several strategies such as the use of social media, proximity approach, partnerships with other stakeholders and conventional media programmes to increase its voters” registration data. 
A visit to some ELECAM branch offices in Yaounde was met with the staff busy in either registering potential voters or deliberating on additional strategies to be adopted during the remaining weeks. At the ELECAM branch office at Round Point Express in the Biyem-Assi neighbourhood in Yaounde, the staff said they embark on filed visits on a daily basis, usually changing locations and stationing themselves in popular roundabouts to register interested persons. At the Effoulan branch office, they explained that each branch office has a target to attain objectives set by the Centre Regional Delegation of Election Cameroon.  To this effect, the chief of agency said they constantly update their Facebook page on the different registration modalities to the population. Other measures taken by the officials is working in collaboration with political parties, civil society organisations and others to woo more potential electors. Regular messages are equally sent to those who have already registered, reminding them to withdraw their voters’ cards and vote in upcoming elections.



380 546 nouveaux inscrits en 2019

Les statistiques fournies par Elections Cameroon (Elecam) au 31 juillet 2019 pour le bilan des inscriptions effectuées durant l’année revèlent un taux plus élevé chez les hommes (228 378) par rapport aux femmes (152 168). Toutefois, la population jeune (20-35 ans) demeure la plus nombreuse avec près de 67,27% du taux global d’inscriptions. Par ailleurs, la région du Littoral relève le plus grand nombre d’inscrits (83 442), suivie du Centre (74 507). Le Nord-Ouest occupe le dernier rang du classement avec 1 265 nouveaux inscrits. Cette année, Elecam a également enregistré 460 personnes handicapées nouvellement inscrites.




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