Marthe Zambo and Nguea Laroute : Gov’t Offers Assistance to Sick Musicians

The two singers received a financial support by the Ministry of Arts and Culture to help foot their health bills.

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The Ministry of Arts and Culture (Minac) has offered financial assistance to some sick artistes to help them foot their health bills. The money was handed over to the artistes in their homes in Douala over the weekend by the Inspector General number one, in the Ministry of Arts and Culture, Theophile Eyango. Handing over the money to Marthe Zambo and Nguea La route, Theophile Eyango said the gesture was in response to request for financial assistance made by both artistes and following news of the aggravation of their illnesses. He wished them a quick recovery and the wish to see them perform again to the joy of Cameroonians.

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A feeble looking Marthe Zambo, unable to sit up right or stand without assistance, offered gratitude to the Minister of Arts and Culture saying the undisclosed amount received from government, will contribute in footing her health bill which stands at FCFA750,000. According to her doctor, Fogne Philippe, Marthe Zambo is suffering from a metabolic illness since one year ago. She is also suffering from a cyst fibroses at the level of the uterus that demands surgery. He says after the surgery, Marthe Zambo’s recovery will be slow given her age and level of illness.

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As for the very frail looking Nguea La route who says she has holes in her stomach, the operation will cost a colossal sum of 10 million and she will have to be operated upon out of the country in Europe; reason why she says the money received from government is too small and cannot enable her carry out the operation. Like the proverbial Oliver Twist, she requested for more financial assistance to enable her treat herself. Theophile Eyango was accompanied on this mission by the Regional Delegate for Arts and Culture and Nicole Mara who has been like the care taker of the sick musicians. This assistance from the Government through the Ministry of Arts and Culture came a few days after the calls for contributions launched by the two artists via social networks. The artists call for the support of any other soul of goodwill.

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