Youths Brain Under Special Care

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Civic Education signed a partnership with the Brain Research Africa Initiative NGO on August 21, 2019.

The government has taken a great leap forward in handling the mental health of the population particularly amongst its youths. It is within this backdrop that the Ministry of Youths Affairs and Civic Education (MINJEC) and the international organisation, Brain Research Africa Initiative (BRAIN) signed a partnership agreement on August 21, 2019 to resolve brain health issues, particularly mental health problem amongst youths, through the fight against drugs and drug addiction, provide neurological care and promote care given to young people with mental, neurological and addiction disorder in the Multipurpose Youth Empowerment Centres (MYECs). The Minister of Youth Affairs and Civic Education, Mounouna Foutsou, signed on behalf of his ministry while the Chief Executive Officer of Brain, Professor Alfred Njamnshi, signed on the other hand, in the presence of the Director of the Yaounde Central Hospital, Professor Joseph Fouda.

Minister Mounouna Foutsou said the partnership agreement is a source of hope and a reason to feel satisfied so far as it further contributes to the moral rearmament and the restoration of the psychosocial values of youths in the country. “The agreement is timely in that it provides an opportunity to propose strategies to reduce mental illnesses that affect young people and effectively undermine their ability to achieve sustainable development,” the Minister Mounoun Foutsou stressed. The Minister called on all his collaborators to lend their support in saving many young people who each day are falling out of step with moral and psychic values, because no sustainable development is possible with a young population in a State of utter moral decay.

Prof. Alfred Njamnshi, a neurologist said his organisation is going to educate and train young people to adopt good habits that will protect their brain enabling them become effective citizens that will ensure the development of the nation. The Brain organisation will also provide care to those with brain diseases. According to Professor Njamnshi, brain disease amongst youths is a major health problem; with epilepsy and HIV being the most prevalent According to the neurologist, HIV has a greater impact on the brain of youths especially given that they are the vulnerable group. BRAIN is an international organisation, initiated by Professor Alfred Njamnshi with the mission to promote health for development in Africa through brain health.



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