Major National Dialogue : South West Rejoices Over Proposed Special Status

The population hopes that when implemented the recommendations will resolve most development issues.

“Special status for North West/South West Regions, no Government Delegates in matters of local governance, the preservation and reinforcement of separate educational and judiciary systems, assurance of a sea port in Limbe and the resumption of work on abandoned major road projects”. These in resume, are some of the points of satisfaction being echoed in the various corners of the South West Region as major gains from the Yaounde Major National Dialogue for the people. Jubilations erupted from groups of radio listeners and TV viewers in many quarters of Buea after the final recommendations were read at the Yaounde Dialogue meeting. Clearly articulated for every listening ear, claps and cheers of joy were heard from many clusters. Visible signs of satisfaction could be read on faces. 
But one skeptic expressed, “I want to see the concrete implementation of these recommendations and more on the field”. However, with the writing on the wall, “Cameroon can never be the same”, said another enthusiast. Many believe that with the works resuming on the construction of the Lum-Kumba-Ekondo Titi- Mundemba-Akwa road, many youth of the South West Region would be employed to abandon the bushes as such reducing the scenes of violence that appall the area. More to relieving unemployment, which some claim is the root cause of the crisis, will be the beginning of the construction of a deep sea port in Limbe
It has been a calm and peaceful weekend over here in Buea with most discussions centred on the resolutions of the Yaounde dialogue. Unlike in previous weeks, travellers on the Buea-Kumba highway have not suffered attacks of armed groups. Neither have commuters talked about gun battles between the regular forces and armed men on the road. Many, nevertheless, are searching through the social media for the position of those who usually hold contrary views, even for curiosity.
The peaceful atmosphere in the South West following the Major Dialogue was all the more sugared by the release of 148 detained persons, last Friday, pronounced by the Buea Military Court as ordered by the Head of State, President Paul Biya. The joy was extended to the various families of the persons in newfound freedom in the various villages of the Region.



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