Selfless Politicking

Though generally considered a game of personal interest, politics should be selflessly practised, to seek and meet needs of the electorate in particular, and the masses in general. This is important, and should not be taken lightly by citizens.

The scrutiny by parliament of the bill on Decentralization and recommendations of the Major National Dialogue, is an important step in the crucial task of bringing administration closer to the people, giving democratic governance the meaning it deserves, and sustaining Cameroon’s political unity, and stability.

In this light, compatriots who worked on this bill and legislators that in a plenary, debated and contributed to the final document for promulgation into law, were expected to be selfless in action, and committed to what would enable Cameroonians to maintain their pride of unification and an icon of peace on the African continent.

President Biya had already demonstrated his goodwill by not only speaking frankly in Paris, France during the summit on peace, but has also taken steps to start implementing the recommendations of the Major National Dialogue. Besides, this follow up, the President, unlike some compatriots who felt that dialogue was impossible in the search of a solution to the Cameroon crisis, has proven that he is aware of the political needs of his compatriots. By embarking on a democratic procedure to redress the trends, that threaten our national unity, peace and development, the President portrays his determination to be effective in stewardship. This demands courage, genuine patriotism and prompt action by all citizens and institutions.

Unfortunately, this selfless approach to problem solving can be relegated to mere ostentatious ambitions if our political elite and decision makers are so selfish that they do not realise the damage done to the image of this rich peace- lov ing country as a result of their unpatriotic tendencies.

Selflessness in political stewardship demands a careful reflection of what we propose, discuss, debate, and follow up promptly to redress disturbing trends.

For now, the pressing problem is reinstatement of normalcy in the North West and South West regions in respect of the contents of a special status, besides the ingredients of effective decentralization.

In this light, we are reminded of the truth that if decentralization, or the special status for the North West and South West regions become a reality, greed and narrow patriotism must not be allowed to ruin our sovereignty.

Fortunately, Cameroonians love their country and despite the influence of those who see nothing wrong in selfish politics, the patriotic majority will enable us to forge ahead.

Through peace and legislative action our disturbing trends, especially those responsible for the present socio-political crisis in the North and South West regions will be redressed. We can, why not? The main challenge for us is to be selfless, in our thoughts and action, no matter the domain, or level of our service to the nation.



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