United Kingdom : Two Cameroonian Protesters Arrested

They are believed to have been among protesters demonstrating against the government of Cameroon outside of the annual Commonwealth Day Service.

The Daily Mail Online has reported that on Monday, March 9, 2020, Moment Police arrested two Cameroonians outside the Westminster Abbey in London, United Kingdom for breach of Anti-Terrorism Road Traffic Regulations in the United Kingdom. This was minutes before the Queen and the royal family were due to arrive for the annual Commonwealth Day service.
The report indicates that a suspect carrying a bunch of white roses was grabbed by the waist and pinned to the floor by officers guarding the road. Another man with a banner ran into the road and was tackled by up to four officers. 
The Daily Mail Online quoted a Scotland Yard spokesman as saying, “As part of the policing operation for Commonwealth Day celebrations, officers arrested two men for breach of Anti-Terrorism Road Traffic Regulations (ATTRO).” The spokesman is further quoted as explaining that, “Both are in police custody. An operation remains in place whilst the celebrations are ongoing.” The men are reportedly believed to have been among a group of men protesting about Commonwealth hypocrisy over the treatment of people in Cameroon. 



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