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A stitch In Time !

As the dreaded Covid-19 pandemic continually wreaks havoc on lives and livelihoods, showing no respect for whoever and sparing no economy, Cameroonians have even been more disturbed by the hitherto confinement of suspected cases in hotels and hospitals. 
No one is oblivious of the fact that these places have the propensity to be visited by all and sundry. It even becomes challenging for hospital premises that receive those with health challenges who are said to be vulnerable to the virus. Lodging Covid-19 victims in the same precincts with other patients, irrespective of the distance, can be scary and dangerous. For, people with tooth ache who could have sought medical attention in the hospitals would either chicken out and probably perish of minute curable ailments or go get contaminated by the deathly pandemic that has proven to be respecter of no one; not even medics, rich or hero. 
The decision of government, as announced by Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, to establish Covid-19 Specialised Treatment Centres in all the ten regions of the country is thus salutary. In fact, it is a stitch in time that saves nine!   That these centres will “follow the field hospital model, to receive patients in case of a peak of the epidemic, and to allow hospitals to operate normally,” doubly reassures Covid-19 patients and potential ones, likewise other citizens that everyone is taken into consideration in the regime’s full-blown measures. Cameroonians who are sick and their careers can therefore seek medical care without fear of contracting a more complicated illness.
 It is also the pious hope of all and sundry that hotels chosen to confine those who travelled into the country would be controlled and sterilised enough to secure the lives of other visitors. This demands high responsibility of those confined - to optimally respect the confinement measures as well as those vested with the powers to ensure that the confined live by the rules. Any influence or cash-motivated collusion can be catastrophic.
On another note, many a Cameroonian are visibly gaining consciousness of the mode of transmission, dangers and how to contain the spread of the virus. Government’s decision to generalise and make mandatory the wearing of masks as from this Monday April 13, 2020 could also curb the propagation of the scary pandemic. But more importantly, those in charge of defining the norms of fabricating the masks and controlling their applicability absolutely need to swing into full and indiscriminate action. Else, unscrupulous business people would seize the huge trade opportunity served them on the platter of gold by market forces to feed desperate Cameroonians with just anything in the name of face marks. In fact, the market is already inundated with the marks, some of which are of doubtful quality, whose manipulation and display can be a veritable vector for the pandemic they are purportedly out to contain. 
As a matter of fact, all constructive forces are more than ever required to join hands with government in respecting the now 20 measures in place to cut the propagation chain of the virus and make it a thing of the past. The earlier the better as the consequences are upsetting!   



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