Cameroonians of the good will, leaders and the led have since the outbreak of the pandemic covid-19 shown concern to face a common enemy. Medics, musicians, sportsmen, media professionals and religious bodies have not been left out.  On his part, the Head of State, Paul Biya who had already launched with the sum of CFA (one) 1 billion a rescue solidarity fund, has once again proven that he is committed to the eradication of a pandemic that is fast becoming a calamity of the century
With the sum of CFA 2 (two) billion which the president has made available for the purchase of medication and equipment ranging from medical protective masks to buckets and COVID-19 screening kits, our local administrations will be adequately equipped to fight a disease that is claiming lives.
For us to succeed in fighting out this unwanted guest, that is apparently in a comfortable seat, our local councils and their councilors, village chiefs and their subjects, family heads and members must work hard, to appreciate not only the President for his caring attitude, but also the Prime Minister and his government for tireless appeals, sensitization and education of Cameroonians to weather a disturbing storm. We must keep to these restrictions besides putting into effective use the medical gadgets provided by government.
This is important since, like a horse that can be rushed to a stream, but cannot be forced to drink water, the provision of preventive measures and medical equipment cannot fight out the deadly enemy if we ignore what is expected of us.
It is also unpatriotic and above all, suicidal if those who disregard the restrictive measures from authorities keep misinforming others about COVID - 19 despite the deadly effects we have already witnessed in Cameroon. The fact that thousands have already died in the USA, Italy, Spain, France and Britain all of these developed countries, does not make COVID – 19 a disease for the developed, or Whiteman’s ailment. COVID – 19 is an unwanted guest that is prepared to settle comfortably where it finds the right room.  We must prevent its presence not to talk of a comfortable seat in our milieu. 
Although, covid-19 is deadly in Cameroon we are out to fight it out through individual and collective efforts. We can! Why not?
An effective means of sending out the unwanted guest is by making the best use of what government, non – governmental organisations, and individual citizens are already sacrificing to dislodge a stranger that can and is already eliminating people in thousands. 



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