Government Secures Airports

As flights progressively increase to Cameroon, government is tightening measures to ensure the safety of passengers on departure as well as upon arrival.

Cameroon’s airports remain safe for flights to and from the country as government steps up measures in the fight against the spread of the virus to arriving or departing passengers.  Besides the standard obligatory wearing of face masks and the respect of social distancing, there are now three health officers in complete personal protective equipment to take care of passengers as they descend the aircraft. The hand luggage of each person is disinfected with an aerosol disinfectant, hand sanitizer gels squeezed on outstretched open hands and temperatures taken using a no-touch scanning device.  

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After a control passport process, 15 minutes COVID-19 test are conducted before any passenger gets into the concourse of the airport. Prior to landing, airport officials note that a health questionnaire which facilitates contact tracing is distributed by the cabin crew to all passengers on board, and once filled, the document is deposited at the airport health kiosk together with a yellow fever vaccination booklet.  Families with children are directed to the family-friendly expedited control lane. 

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International travel consultant, Dr. Federick Mbayu, says the sterling example at Cameroon’s airports and the facilitation of travel procedures to nationals outside the country is laudable. “All conspicuous spaces at the airport have audiovisual displays on how to avoid the spread of the novel coronavirus and other diseases. Moreover, the visa application process especially in Washington is straightforward and the whole travel experience by many metrics is better. The low infection number reported at Cameroonian airports can without a doubt be attributed to the measures put in place at every step of the journey to this beautiful country. This safe and enjoyable travel experience in these dire straits is a testament to the astute stewardship provided by those in charge,” he noted. 

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Having flown to Cameroon recently amidst the constraints placed by the pandemic, Dr. Federick Mbayu said Cameroon’s leadership is doing a great job in imposing strict preflight and in-flight requirements while gradually opening the country to visitors.  “The flight to Cameroon is quite full and physical-distance seating is respected. My Doula flight had just two Caucasians,” he explained. 

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Besides health and sanitary dispositions, security is equally guaranteed at the airports. At the moment, Air France, Ethiopian Airways and Brussels Airline are the three companies whose aircrafts fly in and out of the country.

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