1st October Fever : Buea Busy But Vigilant

Residents and authorities are working hands in glove to ensure a peaceful weekend ahead of school resumption come Monday.

The seat of the South West Region, Buea, fared unperturbed yesterday (1 October, 2020) amidst threats of blaze through social media purporting an independence day masterminded by separatists groups. The calmness of the yesterday omens for a smooth school start of Monday, 5 October, 2020.  
Judging from the foresight of Regional administrative and security authorities, diverse measures had been taken to forestall any attempts to disrupt public peace. While the forces took strategic positions to avert any attacks, the citizens of Buea went about their daily activities especially in the central locations of Buea city notably Molyko, Bunduma, Great Soppo, Clerks Quarters, Buea Town, Bakweri Town and Bokwaongo.  The peripheral agglomerations of Bomaka, Muea, Bolifamba, Dibanda and the like remained calm with most people staying indoors for personal security.
As regards public services, the offices were opened to the public though with fewer users. Governor Bernard Okalia Bilai had convened a prior meeting with all Service heads to warn against any desertion of offices on 1st October on claims of separatists attacks. By 1pm yesterday the Regional boss, Okalia Bilai, visited various facilities to ascertain the functionality of public services. At the Government Residential Area (GRA) where most Regional services are located the administrative head of the Region saw for himself that his instructions were obeyed to the letter and workers were effectively present in their offices. 
In the hinterlands of the Region, reports spoke of a calm day with no major incidents. For true, many highways received less traffic than usual for individual safety. At press time no agitations were reported in the major cities of Limbe, Kumba, Tiko, Mundemba and Mamfe. 
A new wave of safety alerts is however sweeping through the regional capital, Buea, with the various quarter heads uniting their populations to discuss security alerts. In many areas residents have been asked to buy whistles, and to provide security lights around their homes. Some have gone as far as intimating alarm systems in case any home is attacked for all to react in unison.



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