School Resumption: Strict Barrier Measures In Place

Most of the schools visited in Douala on October 5, 2020 were determined to keep Covid-19 at bay.

Schools in the Littoral Region on October 5th opened their doors after they were forcefully shutdown on March 17 in a bid to stop the spread of the deadly Covid 19 Pandemic. Students and pupils were spotted as early as 6: 30am heading to their different schools all with their face mask on. School authorities on their part are not lying on their laurels as far as putting in place measures to ensure that their institutions are free from Covid 19.
Be it at College Libermann and Lycee de JOSS in the Douala I sub division, Lycee de Mongo Joseph TSF, Ecole Arabe de New Bell in Douala II, GBHS Bobongo Petits Paris in Douala III, Lycee polyvalent de Bonaberi, College du Levant Bonaberi in the Douala IV, GBHS Logpom and College Modern Bilingue Bonamoussadi all in the Douala V subdivisions all measures were in place. From one school to the other there was at least a nurse at the gate to take the temperature of each student as well as visitors, all students and teachers in all classes had their masks on. Most schools had between 25-40 students per class, all sitting in a zigzag format.
The principal of Lycee Mongo Joseph Mr. David Nduentongwa said they had buckets positioned at the entrance of each class for children to wash their hands, each class has sanitizers at the deposition of the teachers, He said they have progrommed classes in two shifts, while the first begin from 7:30am to 12:30 pm the next set begins from 1:30 – 5pm. Mr. David Nduentongwa said parents have been advised to give children food from home so as to avoid the crowded restaurants.
The Secretary General of the littoral governor’s office, Thierry Ki-nou Nana said after visiting some schools in the region he was happy that all of them are respecting Covid 19 barrier measures.




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