Housing and Urban Development: Minister Courtes Evaluates Limbe Development Projects

The Minister of Housing and Urban Development paid a working visit to Limbe last weekend.

The cleanliness of Limbe City, the tarring (bitumen) of a stretch of road instructed by the Head of State, and the progress of the Low Cost Housing project in Limbe. These are the key projects that pulled Cameroon’s Housing and Urban Development Minister, Celestine Ketcha Courtes, to Limbe, headquarters of Fako Division in the South West Region last weekend.

While in Limbe on 3 September, 2020, Minister Courtes, accompanied by the Regional Governor, Bernard Okalia Bilai, exhorted the involvement of youth and women in development projects.

The Minister opened her visit in Limbe with a stopover at the Low Cost Housing site at Mokundange village. There, she witnessed the slowdown of the project of “Options for Homes” which was inaugurated in 2013 to construct 2, 3, and 4 bedroom homes for offer to the public. These homes were to be postulated by members of the public through a journey to home ownership plan with installments or gradual payment procedures. The project named “Ocean View Estate”, quickly aroused anxiety for both the needy and the sponsors in the likes of the Canadian Options for Homes and the initiators of the project (Options for Homes Housing Cooperative Society (OHHCOOP), a group of Cameroonians.

The Minister proceeded to the Limbe Comprehensive Street passing through Cite SIC, Bota, also through Atlantic Beach Junction Street to BEAC through Half Mile. The Minister’s convoy equally plied the Manga Williams Avenue and made a stopover at the site of the CFA 2.2 Billion projected Limbe Main Market. Here, the Minister of Housing and Urban Development appreciated the project and wished that the women and the general public shall derive maximum benefit from the structure that will enable them to sell and buy.

The Housing and Urban Development Boss observed with admiration the fact that all streets of Limbe had been de-congested of makeshift structures. Roadside buildings were painted white and roadsides cleared of littering objects with gutters and waterways properly unblocked.

There is hope that the sanitation situation of Limbe remains glorifying even after the Minister’s visit in a city where the garbage collection company (HYSACAM) has been working for some years now. Limbe, counts some 250, 000 inhabitants as projected by the City Council today. The city covers a surface area of 549 square kilometres and stretches along the Atlantic Ocean coast making it a haven for tourists.



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