2020 “Africa Poésie” Competition : Laureates Awarded

This was during a ceremony organised Saturday October 17, 2020 in Yaounde.

The five winners of this year’s edition of the “Africa Poésie” competition loosely translated to English as Africa Poetry competition have been rewarded. They were compensated for their distinguishing works in the poetry genre October 17, 2020 in Yaounde. The first prize went to Cameroonian-born Frank Bonny with his poem “Mânes”. The second prize was given to a Haitian, Claude Bernard Elio Alceus for his poem titled “En feu d'artifice”. Another Cameroonian, Danielle Eyango, carried the third prize with the poem, “Le parfum de ma mère” meanwhile the fourth prize went to another Haitian, Bertony Louis. The special prize of the jury was given to Mabard Abdias.  The first and third laureates answered present but the second and fourth, who are all Haitians were conspicuously absent. The fifth, who is a doctorate student in Ngaoundere was represented. An international jury made up of recognized authors, university teachers and literary critics selected these laureates. 

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The “Africa Poésie” competition is organized by the “Société des poètes et artistes du Cameroun”( SPAC) roughly translated as Cameroon society of poets and artists. The President of SPAC, Daouda Mbouobouo, talking during the prize-giving ceremony, recalled the history of the competition and its objective, which is principally to promote authors. 

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The organizers of the event announced that the next edition of the competition to take place in 2021 will not hold due to reasons beyond their control. They, however, noted that their objectives have so far been achieved via their different activities on the field. 

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At the beginning, the competition was coupled with the Africa poetry festival, which took place each year in an African country. The organizing committee took the wager of organizing two festivals, that of Abidjan in 2016 and that of Yaounde in 2017. Unfortunately, that of Dakar in 2018 did not take place. They blamed the unfortunate situation to lack of support reason why the festival was put at half-mast in favor of a less restrictive competition.

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