Dans les bacs : Dahlia Fotsing Resurfaces With “Gratitude”

The artist presented her latest maxi single October 27 after spending four years in the background.

Cameroonian-born but France-based Dahlia Fotsing has come-back to the music scene with her latest maxi-single titled “Gratitude”. She made public her work of arts October 27, 2020 in Yaounde. Dahlia resurfaces in the music scene with this collection after spending four years backstage. “Gratitude”, she says, is a platform to thank all those who have contributed to the success of her music career. The maxi single is a collection of three songs titled “Touche Moi”, “Nzen music” and “Bamileke”. “Touche Moi,” Dahlia says, calls on women to constantly seduce their spouses meanwhile Nzen music valorises the traditional meals of the Bamileke clan. The last sound “Bamileke” pays homage to fallen heroes.  All three songs are filled with diverse rhythms including Ben skin, Afro zouk and folk-music. According to the artist, this maxi single conveys the themes of love, life tradition, hope and joy.  

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The artist says her songs equally convey the theme of peace. She makes reference to the recent killing of children in Kumba and underscored that such a thing should never happen again.  She prayed that the crisis comes to an end and pledged to use her voice to kick against all sorts of violence. Dahlia hopes that her maxi single flies the skies of Cameroon at the speed of light. 

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Dahlia’s international manager, Nestor Tchouente, CEO of “Les Musiques du Mboa” says, “We have come to get Cameroon’s blessings and we hope that this collection breaks boundaries”. Dahlia has a close to 20-year music career with four albums and several singles to her credit. She has performed on several international platforms with encouraging feedbacks.

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