Buea Regional University Hospital : MPs Want Work Resumed

A parliamentary delegation visited the site on 17 February, 2021, near Muea in Buea to evaluate the level of construction and pushed for work resumption.

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The FCFA 11 Billion Regional University Hospital project whose construction works began in Buea in May, 2017 but halted in 2018 due to the current socio-political crisis  in Anglophone Cameroon has received a Parliamentary inspection team. Honourable Etombi Gladys Ikome led her peers to visit the mammoth project on 17 February, 2021. The purpose was to seek ways of resuming work on the halted project to satisfy the anxiety of the South West population. She was accompanied by Honourable Findi Stanley of Fako East constituency for Tiko and Muyuka. 

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The reason for suspending the works has been linked to the current insecurity with the socio-political uprising in the North West and South West Regions since 2016. The Alliances Company carrying out the works claimed that their workers were constantly under attack at the work site prompting them to pack their tools in 2018 after a 14 per cent job realization.

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Adjacent to the Teaching Hospital project is the over FCFA 4 billion Low Cost Housing project which was equally halted due to social instability. “The housing project needed just three months of effective work to be completed”, the Control Mission head, Engineer Liombe Endeley, explained to this reporter.  Accompanying the Parliamentary delegation was the South West Governor’s representative who is also Head of Division for Social, Economic and cultural Affairs at the Governor’s Office, Makwe Theophile Ndumbe. After a working session held in the Governor’s conference room, the delegation went down to the projects’ sites where grass has overgrown the area. Construction material like building blocks, wood, wheelbarrows, spades, plywood and iron lay beneath the tall grass. Both projects were, each, employing daily some 250 workers. The social economy of the area was booming with food and basic needs being sold around the project.

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After observing the state of the projects, the Parliamentary delegation suggested that to answer the insecurity concern, it would be wise for the contractor to employ local labour which would identify with the project as such securing it. The parliamentary delegation wished that works resumed sooner than later so that the people of the South West could begin to enjoy these projects earmarked for the Region within the framework of the “Three-Year Emergence Plan For Accelerated Economic Growth”  The importance of the hospital project was underscored by the Regional Delegate for Public Health, Dr. Ebongo Zacheus Nanje, who quipped that when completed, the Regional University Teaching Hospital will limit hospitalization travels. Honourable Etombi explained to the press that the Parliamentary Commission sat for two hours thirty minutes to know the situation on the site, the percentage of work done, the challenges faced by contractors and the control mission and the way forward. 

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