Security Cooperation: Cameroon, Nigeria Exchange Views

Minister Joseph Beti Assomo received the Nigerian Defence Chief of Staff, General Lucky E.O. Irabor on April 1, 2021.

Within the framework of curbing border insecurity, Cameroon and Nigeria have exchanged military intelligence on better providing safety to persons and property along the concerned territories. The Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence, Joseph Beti Assomo on April 1, 2021 received the Nigerian Defence Chief of Staff, General Lucky E.O. Irabor on a visit in Cameroon. He exchanged security ideas with Minister Joseph Beti Assomo on how Boko Haram insurgences affecting the two countries can be tackled.

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In his statement to the press at the end of the audience, he noted that Cameroon and Nigeria have been good friends for ages and collaborate at every level to address security challenges. “You know that there are security challenges that affect us on a shared basis. That is the Northern part of Cameroon and the Northern part of Nigeria as well as a few problems that are in the some parts of Cameroon. Recently, I was appointed to head the armed forces of Nigeria. And so, it is our responsibility to address those security challenges. I felt that it is necessary for me to consult with my counterpart and in the process, also pay a visit to the Minister Delegate at the Presidency in charge of Defence,” he stated as being the objective of his visit to Cameroon. Going by him, it was also an opportunity to strengthen existing cooperation ties.

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General Lucky E.O Irabor stated that he was absolutely satisfied with his visit. “We have strong ties and I have had very enriching interactions throughout my visit in Yaounde,” he noted.

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The Nigerian senior military official was also received by the Cameroonian Chief of Defence Staff, Lieutenant-General Rene Claude Meka.

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Prior to his visit, a delegation of the Nigerian National Defence College, led by Commodore Ayodeji Olumide Olugbode was received at the Ministry of External Relations on March 9, 2021. The 29th batch of the institution was on a study tour in Cameroon under the theme “an evaluation of digital economy in the development of Cameroon.” It was a 33 member team comprising officers of the Nigerian army, navy, police, air force, custom officers, members of the Economic and Finance Crime Commission, and support staff of the visiting college.

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