Lil Love: Taking The Music Industry By Storm

With just three years in the entertainment world, the young Cameroon artist has been able so send six singles to the market.

Emmanuel Samfass Kachelly with stage name, Lil Love through his passion for music is on mission to inscribe his name in Cameroon’s entertainment history. The 25-year-old afro-pop singer from the Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region, with just three years in the music industry, has been able to release six singles.  

Just like other artists, his first steps in the entertainment world were thorny. “My father did not share my dream of becoming an artist. All he wanted for me was to go to school and be a great man in the future,” he revealed before explaining that it took him a while to talk his father into his dreams and promised that he could blend education and music. Lil Love, in a bid to fulfil his promise, succeeded to get a Bachelor degree in Communication. To the artist, his communication skills will help him climb the music ladder with so much ease.

One of the most decisive points of his career, the artist revealed, was when he released two clips in 2018 titled, “Come closer” and “Il ya quoi a mbeng”. “Producing two sounds in a single year, was not easy but thanks to the proficiency of my production house, Great Minds Music, I was able to stand the challenge,” Lil Love underscored. He, however, did not regret his efforts given that the feedback after the release was positive. According to the artist, the 2018 adventure will forever be a driving factor for him to further his music career. Apart from music, Lil Love is equally an entrepreneur.



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