Lemmy Moïse: Enthralling Lyrics, Timeless Impact

Propelled into limelight in 1998 by television, the singer has since become household name in Cameroon folklore music.

Moses Lemngeh Bruce, better known by his showbiz name, Lemmy Moïse, is already 23 years old in music. Beginning with Reggae, Lemmy soon veered off into traditional or folklore music, focusing on his roots in Mbumland in Donga-Mantung Division of the North West Region. But his break into musical prominence came through a Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV programme. “Ateh Bazore brought me into the limelight - first in 1998 and later in 2000 - through “North West Dance Time,” which he created and hosted,” he recalls with appreciation. 

Lemmy’s cousins – John I’Ray and Nfor Austin – as well as late artistes Jisa Shafta and Emmy Grand, also made significant contributions in shaping his music. The other fillip to Moïse’s career was the release in 2000 of a six-song album by the group, North West Traditional Artistes, NOTA Stars. Made up of six artistes - Lemmy Moïse, Rick Nguti, late John Minang, Ngalim Andreas, Bobgala Didier and Ateh Bazore – the album by New Horizon Production, was a showcase of North West music. Cutting across almost all the genres of the region’s seven administrative divisions. Lemmy’s contribution to the album was the song, “Nsuung Jazze.”

“I ensure that my songs contain messages that impact society positively. Those whose lives have been influenced by my career make me look back with satisfaction. My...



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