PSS Bafut : Burnt PSS Bafut Dormitory Refurbished

Bafut Council Mayor; Ngwa Kongoh Lawrence hailed for rehabilitation works, promotion of teaching and learning process.

The dormitory lodging some displaced students of PSS Bafut in the campus of PSS Mankon that suffered destruction, blamed on alleged criminal fire on the night of January 22/23, 2021 has been refurbished and declared good for use. To thank for rehabilitation works is the Bafut Council whose Mayor; Ngwakongoh Lawrence went sizing up finished   works on April 15.

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On-the-spot, the Mayor, Ngwakongoh Lawrence told the over 1,441 students of PSS Bafut, PSS Mankon and staff that the Council's quick response was inspired by the need to strengthen and encourage the teaching and learning process in the face of security challenges rocking the North West region. He stressed the commitment of the community to stand by the education family of PSS in efforts to ensure that education remains the most cherished industry in the North West region.

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The refurbished dormitory now features a new roof, windows, shutters, ceiling, flooring, painting, solar energy facilities and fire extinguishers. The Bafut Council team equally offered some 1,500 face masks to help staff and students to stay safe from the killer, Covid-19 pandemic. Away from that, Mayor NgwaKongoh Lawrence and the MP for Bafut/Tubah Constituency, Hon. Agho Oliver announced scholarships for the best Ordinary Level and Advanced Level students of PSS Bafut and PSS Mankon. In effect, the best 10 O/L students in both schools will have education without stress in lower sixth, upper sixth Forms and the 1st year of the University and the best 10 A/L performances will enjoy scholarships to take them through three years of University education. The guests also featured warm words for the academic and administrative staff for care that inspires hope in parents. 

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On behalf of the Presbyterian Education Authorities; the Principal of PSS Bafut; Esaw Sangwa'a and that of PSS Mankon showcased gratitude with the community on their side in times like this. They celebrated the guests as friends in need and committed to turn full circle for the students to excel in desired results. PSS Mankon enrols some 989 students while PSS Bafut, enrols some 452 students. 

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