“The Training Is Going On Hitch-free”

Serge Christian Guebogo, Trainer of the Handball Lionesses.

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You are at the peak of your training ahead of the African Women’s Handball Championship. How is this exercise unfolding less than two months to the competition?

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We work two times a day with short recovery periods. We are trying to stick to our colander so that we can attain all earmarked objectives. The Yaounde Multipurpose Sports Complex has been put at our disposal.  This means that we can comfortably train without fear of rain nor sun. We are very grateful to the State for this facility. We equally thank the State for providing the athletes with comfortable lodging and feeding facilities. We have experts coming from Brazil to boost the training process. We want the players to be prepared psychologically, technically, and physically. We emphasis on these aspects on daily basis. We will soon move to another part of our training which involves the observation of our opponents. We will be analysing their style of play so that we know the necessary steps to take. We are training very hard because our objective is to be the best. As for now, everything is going on hitch-free and we are happy with the level of advancement.

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What are the mechanisms put in place to limit the spread of coronavirus during the training? 

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To limit the spread of the coronavirus, we try to respect the Covid-19 barrier measures including the wearing of face mask and social distancing.  We equally sensitise the girls regularly. We had difficulties in having sparing partners for our preparatory matches. All our opponents had to be tested; so it was not easy. We were not able to programme the training calendar like we could have done before Covid-19. Some of the countries who were supposed to welcome us to prepare for the competition were greatly touched so it was no longer possible. We have already done two Covid-19 tests and each time any of the team member is tested positive, we put them on quarantine. Even before we started the camp, we had players who were positive. We kept them home; they took their treatment and joined us when were treated. 

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Looking at the teams to take part in the competition, how do you imagine the fiesta in Cameroon?

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The fact that the competition has been increased to 12 teams means we have more matches and the impact is greater. When the competition is long, we have to be physically fit. The competition is at home so we have to do everything to make the country proud. None of the teams will come here to play. It should be said that this competition is qualification for the Women’s World Handball Championship. So, I can bet you that everyone coming here wants to at least get a spot in the Women’s World Handball Championship. It will not be a joke. That is why we are preparing very hard so that we can be at the top of our game.

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