Chad : African Union Position Expected

This follows the complete examination of recommendations proposed by the fact- finding mission from N’Djamena.

After several fruitless meetings via video conference, the African Union seems to be getting a head way with regards to their position in Chad. Reuters reports that during a crucial Wednesday, May 12, 2021 meeting that was coordinated from Addis Ababa, about six options or “exceptional measures” were put on the table for debate by the fact-finding mission that was sent to develop strategies for a return to constitutional order and democratic governance in Chad. The first option the mission recommended was that Chad's military should share power with a civilian president. The second, is that the AU's Security Council could support the military transition as it stands, but appoint a special envoy to ensure the military keep their promise to organize elections within the stated calendar of 18 months. The third is to throw support behind the current militaryled transition, while pressuring the junta to share power equally with a civilian government due to the security threats Chad faces from rebels and jihadi insurgents, the fourth option recommended is to pressure the military to hand over power to a civilian president alongside a military vice president, the mission recommended the drafting...



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