Civil-Military Actions : Inspiring Army-Population Bond

Multifaceted people- friendly activities on the field help in building mutual understanding for federated efforts against common enemies of peace and national concord across the country.

In the face of mounting security challenges starring Cameroon in the face for some time now, concerted efforts aimed at solidifying the bond between the population and their defence and security forces are increasingly visible in various hotspots likewise the entire country. Against a backdrop of smear campaign from perpetrators of evil who pit the military against the population, obliging the latter to sometimes believe that the former is against them, the Republican Army, true to its vocation, strives as much as possible to be people-friendly while safeguarding the territorial integrity. In fact, the strength of a Republican Army relies on respect of human rights, working in synergy with the population to provide them assistance, establishing close collaboration with local authorities as well as remaining disciplined. While striving to rise above insecurity winds blowing in the Far North Region; with the Boko Haram insurgencies, kidnappings and ransom takings in the Adamawa Region, Refugee crisis in the East and secessionists tendencies in the North West and South West Regions, Cameroon’s defence forces often rely on partnership with the population to succeed.

From construction of schools to equipping them through supply of potable water, healthcare, building of broken bridges and cleaning streets, among others; military actions to make life worth living for the civilian population are many and diverse. In the Far North Region for instance, defence and security forces combating the bestial Boko Haram terrorists have often kept aside their guns to sometimes teach children, reconstruct dilapidating school premises and roads or carry out free screening for some life-threatening ailments. For example, in February 2021, reports from the Far North Region spoke of the Joint Multinational forces equipping over 40 schools with benches to ease teaching and learning. Meanwhile, in the North West and South West Regions where uneasy calm has been reigning for the past four years now, the military has been multiplying efforts to stay closer to the population as much as possible. If it is not cleaning the streets of dirt, defence and security forces are seen distributing food items to the population pushed out of their comfort zone by separatists’ activities. In April 2021, the population of Kesham village in Southern Akwaya Subdivi- sion, Manyu Division of the South West Region, saluted the 6th Unit of the Rapid In- tervention Battalion (BIR) for their prompt intervention to rehabilitate three bridges lin- king their village from Mamfe Central that were burnt down a few weeks back by lawless people. The ceremony to hand over the refurbished bridge was a perfect moment to laud cooperation between the population and security forces battling to safeguard life and livelihood. Thanks to the military-population rapprochement facilitated by the wide-ranging field activities, the population is able to denounce some law- less people and their activities which have often led to either their capture or pre-emption of dangerous attacks .



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