Human Rights Promotion : Gov’t Edifies MPs On Efforts Made

Minister Jean de Dieu Momo on July 5, 2021 presented different mechanisms put in place by the government to ensure the respect of the rights of persons.

Members of the Committee on Constitutional Laws and Human Rights of the National Assembly have been enlightened on the various measures implemented by government within the legal framework for the promotion and protection of human rights in Cameroon. The informative encounter of July 5, 2021 at the Yaounde Conference Centre was presided at by the President of the said Committee, Hon. Zondol Hersesse with the Minister Delegate to the Minister of Justice, Jean de Dieu Momo presenting the path covered by authorities. 
In his opening statement, Hon. Zondol Hersesse said the respect of human rights is at the center of several activities in every civilised society. The informative session, he noted, will permit lawmakers to be at the same level of knowledge on the protection and promotion of the different rights of the population. 
According to the Minister, the government of Cameroon is strategically involved in the promotion of human rights through the signature and ratification of international instruments, the putting in place of control structures, the reinforcement of the capacities of human rights activists, the creation of a conducive environment and the partnership cooperation with other stakeholders. Minister Momo noted that since 2005, the government has adopted the approach of constantly publishing an annual report on the situation of human rights in Cameroon. To date, he noted that 14 reports have already been published with that of 2020 in the elaboration phase. Stakeholders, he noted, are trained to serve the general interest of the population, reflective of the political, diplomatic, social and environmental climate of Cameroon which frowns at discrimination against sex or race. 
At the practical plan, he stated that moral values such as responsibility, tolerance, liberty, justice and non-discrimination govern the operationalisation of activities. At the normative level, the Minister said it is dense with panoramic text at the regional and international levels for the promotion of human rights. Cameroon, he noted, has a National Commission on Human Rights which works at preventing torture and violence. Minister Momo said the government collaborates with civil society organisations who either work in advocacy, denunciation or partnership, all with the objective of contributing to the promotion and protection of human rights. Challenges faced by government in the implementation process were also presented to the Members of Parliament. 



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