Usain Bolt, The Living Legend

He created a new record as the first person to win three gold medals consecutively in the Olympics.


By winning the 100m event at the Rio Olympics, Usain established a new record as the first athletes to have won three gold medals successively in the world sports jamboree. This comes to add to a long list of records established and broken by the Jamaican sprinter notably the 100m record of 9”69 and the 200m record of 19”30 established in Beijing in 2008. He also broke the record in the relay 4x100m of 37”10 established still in Beijing but which was later broken again in London 2012 at 36”84. In his post victory press conferences in Rio, Bolt declared that he was out to establish a greater record as the first athlete to win three gold medals in three successive Olympic Games saying though he wasn’t impressed by his performance, it was a first step towards attaining that objective which will make him immortal.

Usain Bolt has brought a fresh impetus to athletics not only by his performances but also by his manner. He is relaxed before competition and makes fun with the public yet capable of concentrating and rising to the challenge during big competitions. He has a peculiar way of celebrating pointing the hands in the air alike an arrow which has become his trade mark. He has a fair play culture and despite his statutes as king of sprint, he congratulates competitors when they do better than him such as in Stockholm in 2010 when he was defeated by Gay. 



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