Need For A Level Playground

The electoral process in the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) is ongoing. For now two contenders have made their candidacy known. They are two former Indomitable Lions players, Jules Denis Onana and Maboang Kessack. Though it is rumoured that files of many other candidates like that of Samuel Eto’o are in the pipeline, the former Lions striker is yet to make his intention known. 
No doubt former footballers are aspiring for the top job, but won’t it be advisable for this group of persons to form a common front? May be, this way they will have enough backing to present their case. The deadline for candidates wishing to vie for the highest posts in the Cameroon Football Federation is still open and aspiring Cameroonians are encouraged to submit their files. Ahead of this excise, the FECAFOOT Electoral Commission is working hard to ensure free and fair elections when the process kick starts. 
However, apart from the hurdles encountered before the submission of files, the electoral process is plagued by some polemics which might mar the process of the elections. One of the most important amongst these issues is that of double nationality. During a brief meeting with the press at the headquarters of FECAFOOT on Monday, August 30, 2021 though members of the Electoral Commission said they want to ensure that the football federation gets an elected president to pilot its affairs before the organisation of the upcoming AFCON, they fell-short of explaining why the issue of double nationality has been inserted among the conditions for eligibility for persons aspiring to be elected when some of those who have managed, played and are still playing for the country have double passports or nationalities. Worst still, among some FECAFOOT members who are going to vote are holders of double passports or nationality. Does this mean, they will not vote or the rule is applied only to candidates? 
At the level of clubs, the Electoral Committee also said only clubs affiliated and haven participated in the 2020/2021 football season will be eligible for the voting process as stipulated by the law. Why does voting rights limit only for 2020/2021 clubs when we know that there are some members of the executive committee without clubs. While hoping that among the several complaints submitted, the Electoral Commission will see reason, many football lovers are watching to see how objective the organisers will be in their decisions.  After all, why twist the electoral laws to favour this or that candidate when it is not in the FECAFOOT Constitution. There is need for a strict respect of the rules and regulations, the texts and statues as they organise elections with a keen interest on the growth of local football and the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations. There is an urgent need for a level playground.  



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