Beyond the Jubilation

Cameroonians will tomorrow Friday 20 May 2022 commemorate in a special way the step taken on 20 May 1972 to replace the Federal system of government with the Unitary type. After the 11 February 1961 UN Organized plebiscite during which Cameroonians west of the Mungo opted to achieve independence by uniting with the Independent Republic of Cameroon instead of integrating with the Federal Republic of Nigeria, another referendum, this time involving Cameroonians east and west of the Mungo endorsed the decision to replace the federation with the unitary system of government. The main objective harped upon by the masterminds of this political transition was the need to consolidate national unity, stall economic constraints, and facilitate development.
Fifty years after that courageous step in the political life of our country, the pomp and pageantry that should have marked this jubilee celebration has been affected by unpleasant surprises, the corona virus, and worse, the political crisis in the very English speaking regions that made possible our present status of a bilingual country. But a colonial wrong had been righted, and the need to forge ahead, remains an obligation sustained by patriotism and the craving for unity and cohesion. This ties with the theme of the Jubilee celebration: Defence and security forces at the service of the people for the preservation of social peace and national cohesion.
In respect of this theme, Cameroonians, of the Defense forces, as well as civilians, should reflect on the ingredients of peace, unity, and security without it is difficult, if not impossible to ensure stability and development. 
Regrettably, what has been going on in two regions of our country since 2016 betrays the pride, we gave the rest of Africa and ourselves, through unification. We had proven to fellow African countries and the rest of the world that 45 years of geopolitical differences caused by colonial administration should not water down fraternal love and the longing to reunite and forge ahead. Such pride should not be relegated to, internal bickering, hatred and destruction.
In the face of unpleasant surprises that today tarnish the image of our ...



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