Digital Innovation : Stakeholders Examine Opportunities

The Digital Innovative Festival in Douala discussed possible ways of improving on the system in the Central African Region.

The Digital Innovative Festival has opened in the Littoral capital of Douala. The Festival ran from the 22-23 of  November has been opened with a call for Cameroonians and the population of the Central African Region to invest in the digital world and improve on the livelihood of the people in the sub-region. 
While opening the festival in Douala on November 22, the Minister of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Social Economy and Handicrafts, Achille Bassilekin III said it was important for SMSs to be equipped with digital skills so as to meet up with the ever-growing and changing digital world. He added that his ministry is ready to support the digital growth of SMSs so as to improve on the livelihood of the population. He reiterated that the government is committed to accelerating the digital transformation through the Digital Cameroon programme. Achille Bassilekin III added that the project is registering success as there is already a proliferation of digital startups in Cameroon which will obviously improve day-to-day in terms of innovation.  
The Minister said African has a lot of potentials in digital innovation. “We are ready to harnesses this potentials and transform them in concrete terms. Our young men and women can be part of the transformation agenda and the 2035 reality of Digital Innovation. We are ready to arm them with the necessary skills to face the challenges of time,” Minister Achille Bassilekin III said. 
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