Cameroon International Film Festival : Goodbye...Curtain Call

Curtains for the sixth edition of the Cameroon International Film Festival-CAMIFF were drawn over the weekend in the town of Buea, South West Region by the Minister of Arts and Culture, Bidoung Mkpatt. From April 24 to 29, CAMIFF offered a platform for film lovers to engage with their culture and that of others through cinema. The festival also provided an exceptional opportunity to educate the local community, inspire filmmakers and nurture the growth of the Cameroon and African film industry. The Founder and CEO of CAMIFF, Gilbert Agbor Ebot, ex-rays the path covered and the way-forward for the festival. 

What balance sheet do you make of the just-ended Cameroon International Film Festival in Buea?
The Cameroon International Film Festival, dubbed: CAMIFF 2023, was a successful event blessed by God almighty, the citizens of Cameroon and most especially the Minister of Arts and Culture. The event started on April 24 in Buea, South West Region. During the festival, we offered Master’s Classes in acting, film directing, script writing, cinematography and phone photography. We also carried out three workshops on profiling and management, film business, film and social cohesion (that is bringing film makers to produce films that can address problems affecting the society like what is happening in the North West and South West Regions. I am also glad that the Minister of Arts and Culture was present at the end of the festival. His presence was an opportunity for young film makers to feel comfortable about the career path they have chosen and to know that the government is supporting them in what they are doing.
Would you say you have achieved the purpose for which you initiated the festival which is in its 6th edition?
I cannot say we have achieved our objectives. But, we managed to go through the sixth edition of the festival. We are still to hit our objective. Primarily, the festival was created to attract content buyers from the Anglo-Saxon film distribution network. We managed to attract Africa Magic in 2016, Nexflix in 2017 and Amazon in 2018. But there are other platforms that are distributing content and people are monetizing what they are creating and making money such as Facebook, and YouTube. We are still to bring Tik-Tok on board as a partner. We are yet to hit the jackpot as far as achieving our goal is concerned. The festival was also created to give training to aspiring actors and film makers. W...



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