Illegal Schools: SW Authorities Set To Enforce Minister’s Directive

Some 412 schools under the oversight of Secondary Education will fling their doors open next month in the South West Region.


As the reopening date draws closer, administrative and technical authorities are on their heels to ensure a hitch-free school year 2016-2017. The setback that continues to show its ugly head remains clandestine schools. Because schools have been viewed by many as money-making ventures, many businessmen and women are eager to try their hands in the school business.

They fight to register as many students as possible with their eyes set only on fee-collection. The phenomenon has plunged the educational system into chaos as it is often difficult to say which school is authorised or illegal. While many still believe that some officials condone the practice of clandestine schools, others think it is the individuals soiling the image of education by venturing into domains without expertise.

For sure, education has been liberalised following UNESCO recommendations, but more checks are required to keep an eye on adventurers. Thus, the Minister of Secondary Education recently published a list of illegal colleges in the country. In an uncompromising communiqué, he directed that all be done to shut down the schools. The South West Regional Delegate for Secondary Education, Apah Itoh Johnson, explains the measures taken to enforce the Minister’s instruction.





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