“Cameroon Has A Promising Future In Theatre”

Njem Leslie Labihnin, Administrator of the Rainbow Interactive Association.

What motivated you into creating an association for theatre? 
The burning passion to address social problems and environmentally related problems through arts were among the things that made me to join Rainbow Interactive Association. Apart from just arts we are a family. After any rehearsal or meeting the love and concert is really high and it is always difficult separating from the crew. Rainbow Interactive as the name sounds is a very friendly and interactive environment. Here, everyone contributes to all decision making. We build ideas together on every subject at stake. 

How does the association function?
Rainbow is not just a production house; on every issue we want to address through arts, we first let the message sink in us before we progress with any development. We have the General Assembly that comprises of all registered members of the association, we also have an Ethics Committee which comprises of top committed members of the association and lastly the Executive, which is made up of the coordinator and two administrators. We are not just limited to theatre; we are also into cinema. At Rainbow, we train people from amateur to top level of performance. 

What usually orientates your line of theatre presentation?
We looked into communities and look at some of the crises and problems when we identify this problem we seat together on a round table and discussed them then come up with ideas and theme of the play. An example is like now we are doing research on the effects of the Anglophone and the Boko Haram crises

Is it usually easy to mobilize actors and actresses for any play? How is it done?
In Rainbow It is easy because everyone is discipline and guided by internal rules and regulations. Getting the right cast for plays is sometimes a challenge as we also do in-house casting. But with the experience of one of the oracles of theatre in Africa, Ben Wirsky, who has the ability to direct even a sheep in a bid to br...



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