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State workers in Cameroon have since Wednesday night been making calculations on how much additional money will get into their pockets based on their categories or indices.


This, following a 21 February 2024 Presidential decree to increase, by 5 per cent, the monthly basic remuneration of civilian and military personnel so as to cushion the effects of readjustments in fuel prices which witnessed a 15 per cent increase some weeks back. For keen observers, the Head of State’s action fulfils a promise he made to Cameroonians during his 2023 end-of-year and 2024 New Year State-of-the nation’s address on December 31, 2023 when he stated emphatically that another readjustment of fuel prices was inevitable. “Last year, the government increased slightly the pump prices of fuel. As a result, the subsidy on petroleum products decreased from over FCFA 1,000 billion in 2022 to around FCFA 640 billion in 2023. However, this subsidy continues to weigh heavily on public coffers. Though we will most certainly have no choice but to reduce it further, we will ensure that the requisite adjustments do not significantly impact the purchasing power of households.”

Even during his message to the  youth on February 10, 2024 on the eve of the 58th edition of the Youth Day, the Head of State said, “I am aware that, like your parents, you are concerned about the recent hike in fuel pump prices. You are also worried about the impact that it could have on your living conditions. I wish to assure you that the requisite efforts have been made to maintain the adjustment at a reasonable level. I have also instructed the freezing of the prices of cooking gas and kerosene in order to preserve household purchasing power. You should know that this operation was inevitable, owing to the current budget constraints and our desire to avert shortages.”

All and sundry were  thus sufficiently briefed on the fact that the burden of subsidies on fuel prices which government had shouldered over the years weighed heavily on the State budget and significantly reduced the much-needed resources to address other problems facing the country and her people, notably growth-induced projects. At least, the population were prepared to welcome another fuel price hike in the country. So, when the government took the bull by the horns on February 3, 2024 to increase again, after that of February 1, 2023, the prices of certain petroleum products at the filling stations, notably ‘Super’ that moved from FCFA 730 to FCFA 840 and ‘Diesel’ from FCFA 7...



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