2024 GCE Examination : Practical Session Ongoing Hitch-Free In Yaounde

The nationwide public exams began on May 2nd and will end on May 25, 2024.


Some 25,864 candidates are currently undertaking practical session for the four examinations organised by the General Certificate of Examination (GCE) Advanced Level, Ordinary Level Technical and Vocational Examinations Intermediate Level and the Technical and Vocational Examinations Advanced Level. Administrative staff supervising the public exams in some accommodation centres in Yaounde say the exercise is unfolding hitch-free.    
Yesterday May 15th, 2024, Cameroon Tribune made a tour to some practical centres in Yaounde. The first stop was at the Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) Mendong, Yaounde. At about 11:30 a.m. candidates for the Advanced Level Physics practicals were in session, as well as those for the Ordinary Level Computer Science subject. Statistics indicated that about 840 candidates were undertaking GCE Ordinary Level Computer Sciences at the Mendong Campus. The Principal of GBHS Mendong, Rudolf Nganda said his institution is an accommodation centre hosting eight different schools. While revealing that candidates for the GCE Advanced Level Biology, Chemistry, ICTs, Computer Science had already completed the practical sessions of the examination, those for GCE Ordinary Level Computer Science had just begun the practical part of the examination which will run for three days. So far, so good, Rudolf Nganda noted, especially as no major problem has been witnessed as the practical session unfolds. 
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