Cinema Updates: For Colored Girls, Together With Common Struggle

For Colored Girls is a 2010 America film commendable for every woman to watch irrespective of her race.  


The film is about a group of black women, most of who live in the same Harlem apartment building and face personal crises, heartbreak and other challenges. Crystal (Kimberly Elise) faces an unhappy existence with an abused lover. Jo (Janet Jackson) is a successful magazine editor, but her husband has a secret double life. Juanita (Loretta Devine) is a relationship counselor but cannot seem to get her love life in order. These three and others become bound together by their experiences.

Written, directed and produced by Tyler Perry, the film depicts the interconnected lives of nine women, exploring their lives and struggles as women of color. For close to two-hours viewers will get to see themselves at one point in the movie with lessons to learn.

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