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National Day Preparations: General Rehearsals Today

The military and civilians will all rehearse at the Yaounde 20th May Avenue.

Rehearsals for the military parade ahead of the 2017 National Day celebration come Saturday, May 20, 2017 will get to the final stage today, May 18, 2017 at the Yaounde 20th May Avenue. The military parade will consist of both foot soldiers and the motorized units. Civilian march past practice will also take place with students from basic, secondary and higher education levels. The final day of practice will take place in a renovated ceremonial ground. In prelude to today’s general march past practice, all corps of the military, National Gendarmerie, Police, Penitentiary Administration , Customs and Ex-servicemen in the nation’s capital Yaounde, were present at the 20th May Avenue, on May 17, 2017 for the first practice session. It came after that of the May 16, 2017 in which the different corps simply took up their positions, got acquainted with the ceremonial ground and also rehearsed some marching steps. In this connection, the commanders of the various squares of each corps rehearsed in front of the Grand Stands in the ceremonial ground without any music despite the fact that the Military, Police and National Gendarmerie bands had taken up their positions. The military parade on the occasion of the 45th edition of the National Day at the 20th May Avenue in front of President Paul Biya and his guests will be commanded by Brigadier General Ezo’o Mvondo Simon, assisted by Colonel Enow Eyong Joseph. The commander gave firm instructions to representatives of the various corps relating to punctuality, seriousness and commitment for performance during the rehearsals session. Each corps is determined to put up the best performance in front of President Paul Biya. Ngangjoh Mama Lamya, Administrator General of Prisons in charge of the march past of the Penitentiary Administration told Cameroon Tribune that their main innovation is the respect of gender. The Penitentiary Administration has only one square that is commanded by a female Senior Prison Administrator assisted by a man.



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